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Why a Wifi Network Management System is a Game-Changer for Your WLAN

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | June 30, 2014

How many devices do you own? Are they all the same brand, are they the newest models? Odds are the answers to these questions vary wildly from person to person but the fact remains the same for IT managers and staff, it's time to start thinking about network management software to handle the increased demand.wireless network management, network management software, MDM,

With the increased popularity of things like BYOD and the demand from users to have the ability to use the devices of their choice, while running the applications they choose, and at the exact moment they want to use them has led to some serious challenges for IT departments.

The big question becomes how do you allow mobile devices on to your network and how do you efficiently manage them all. The answer is wifi network management.
Listed below are the 4 most important features of a modern wireless network management system.

Visibility (Everywhere, Everything)

Having the widest most transparent view of your network is critical to having successful mobility. You will be able to see your wireless coverage as well as how the devices on your wireless network and the applications they are running are performing. To sum it up, good visibility will help keep your SLA’s in the black, reduce helpdesk tickets, allow you to make better decisions based on actual real-time data and ultimately resolve any issues faster.

Centralized Platform

A centralized interface allows for one precious commodity in the IT world, time. Using a centralized system provides the ability to manage and monitor even the largest networks from one online, web-based application. It makes it possible to identify, diagnose and resolve issues from one location, remotely while at the same time automatically issuing updates and installs.
The best wireless network management solutions utilize easy to navigate web-interfaces that use multiple dashboards for an extremely granular view, covering every aspect of your wireless network.wireless network management, network management software, MDM,


Imagine your network currently has the ability to support 1,000 devices, jump a year or two into the future where your network now needs to handle 5 to 10,000 devices or more, looks very different doesn’t it. A critical feature of any good MDM solution is the ability to scale or grow with your network, allowing new users and new devices to be integrated with the network.

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Generation to Generation

Not only should your MDM (mobile device management) give you exceptional visibility across your entire network but it should also have the capability to manage multiple generations of networks and equipment. The best MDM solutions should have the ability to manage devices from all of the leading venders, from legacy wi-fi equipment to the newest 802.11ac WLAN technologies.

Choosing the right MDM system is one of those decisions you don’t want to overlook or think is intimidating. With many schools consisting of one, two maybe three IT staff, mobile device management is vital to the school’s mobility and overall success.

“Staying in front of the students”, as many IT professionals say is extremely important and a constant challenge for many schools. Even the most basic devices without proper wireless network management can create all kinds of potential headaches. Adding MDM to the K-12 education technology mix just makes sense, and with resources usually being limited, each system and each dollar counts towards a successful mobility program and more importantly a successful education environment for both teachers and students.

If you have any questions or comments about implementing technology in the classroom or about wireless network management simply contact us here or find us on  and Twitter, we’d love to chat and connect with you!

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