Recent projects we've worked on to help you get a feel for how much your Secure Wi-Fi might cost:

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    Small Warehouse

    $ 1,925 / Month

    • 75,000 sq.ft
    • 25 Access Points over 1 floor
    • Inventory Management
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    Medium University

    $ 9,219 / Month

    • 325,000 sq.ft
    • 100 Access Points over 2 floors
    • Guest Access, User Onboarding
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    Large Hospital

    $ 12,330 / Month

    • 400,000 sq.ft
    • 100 Access Points over 3 floors
    • Location Services (RTLS) , HIPPA Compliancy

All Plans Include

  • Custom WiFi Design

  • Professional Design from Industry Experts

  • Role Based Access

  • Integrated WiFi Security

  • Network Management

  • Redundancy

  • IoT Security

  • Real-Time RF Visualization

  • Hardware Replacement

  • Health Checks

  • Guest Management

  • User Experience Monitoring

  • Best in Breed Hardware

  • 4 Hour Response SLA

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

  • Application Performance Monitoring

  • High-Density WiFi

Most Popular



Heavy Usage: Good for most industries- Retail, K-12, Hospitality, Industrial and others

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Super Users: Good for Medical, Higher Education, and Security-focused enterprises

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How it Works

From discovery to deployment in as few as 3 weeks

  • analyze


    Working with our WiFi engineering team, you'll gather important documents about your current environment like floor plans, the number of users, and building materials. 
  • design


    Once we've received your information, our engineers will create a predictive design using the latest RF technology. Larger projects may require an onsite survey to ensure the most accurate design.
  • deploy


    SecurEdge utilizes a trusted network of implementation specialists to install your wireless infrastructure. All configurations are completed in our in-house lab before deployment.
  • support


    After deployment, we will continue to monitor, measure and manage your network. You will receive monthly health updates, 24/7 network monitoring, and tier-2 level support included in your solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy secure Wi-Fi as a subscription?

    Wi-Fi needs to be designed to support the devices that are connecting (your iPhone for example). The challenge that customers face is that the users upgrade and change devices on a regular basis- 18 month on average. The quick upgrade cycle on devices puts Wi-Fi today on a shorter usable lifecycle. Subscriptions allow you to get the solution that works today and upgrade to the newer version to keep up with the changing devices and usage.

  • Where can SecurEdge provide secure Wi-Fi as a service?

    We currently support customers in all states in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean.

  • How does pricing for your service work?

    The pricing provided to you on this page is an estimate based on industry knowledge. All businesses are different and require different services. You can connect with a member of our sales engineering team to discuss your unique needs and get an accurate quote.

  • What if I want to capitalize part of the solution instead of buying it on a subscription?

    No problem. Our subscriptions allow you to purchase or buyout the equipment portion of the subscription if you’d prefer that option. Managed services are available only on subscription.

  • What is the process for pricing?

    We will walk you through our discovery process to get a clear picture of our current wireless environment. Our engineering team will conduct a predictive design and recommend their solution. Pricing is based on materials and services included.

  • What is the length of the agreement? and Why?

    To get the most value, we recommend matching the term with the usable lifecycle of the technology. We believe, based on more than a decade of data, that the optimal usable lifecycle for Wi-Fi is 36-48 months to keep a high Service Level Agreement with the end users. We match our agreements to that lifecycle.

  • What if I need someone to help physically run wire and hang access points?

    No problem, we have a national network of technicians that can deploy anywhere in the US, Mexico and Canada.

  • How long does it take to complete a project?

    We value all of our opportunities and work to schedule your new network install to suit your requirements. Typical delivery is 2-4 weeks depending on project size.

  • How do I know this platform is secure?

    We use industry best practices to provide the highest levels of security. We also only deploy access points to your facility that have an integrated firewall. Every solution we deploy meets industry compliance standards for PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance standards. We also provide compliance reporting as part of our enterprise solution.