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Want a More Powerful BYOD Policy? Try these 6 Steps [Infographic]

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Want a More Powerful BYOD Policy? Try these 6 Steps [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco June 25, 2015   0 Category: Strategy

I work for an IT (Information technology) company so I guess that makes me kind of biased when it comes to BYOD and its usefulness. Since day one we’ve always taken a progressive approach in how we do business, leveraging the latest wireless technology to increase our ability to serve our clients more effectively. Whether it’s been supporting BYOD or working remotely, we’ve always had a plan in place that maximized our productivity as well as ensured our team’s and business’s data was secure.

For a lot of enterprise level businesses today implementing a BYOD policy can offer many advantages such as increased employee satisfaction and lower operational costs. However, if it’s done incorrectly BYOD can lead to more problems than your IT team wants to or can support.

What can IT leaders do to make sure their companies are not only secured but their employees are satisfied and working at their full potential?

To help you create a BYOD policy that actually works here is a fantastic infographic from Bitglass that outlines 6 critical steps that will make sure both your company and employees are set-up for BYOD success.

Click Here for a larger view.


Having a BYOD policy is essential to successful mobility today. You might be asking why?

I get it if you’re against a BYOD program, you don’t want to deal with authenticating and registering personal devices, the network security risks that are associated with it, but remember, the fact is almost everyone carries at least one connected device with them at all times (smartphones) and whether they are trusted users or guests you have to be prepared.

Other than planning for the unexpected, the reason a BYOD strategy is critical is because this is what your users want in today’s mobile, “always-connected” world. Mobile devices and the demand for wireless access are only increasing, it’s only a matter of time so be proactive and not reactive; scrambling at the last second when it’s already too late. This will only cost you time, money and in the event of a data breach potentially your job.

At SecurEdge we have helped countless businesses achieve secure mobility, including designing and deploying a successful BYOD policy. If you have any questions regarding your current wireless network or would like to discuss a customized BYOD policy, simply contact us here!

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