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Managed Services - Does Your School Wireless Network Really Need It?

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Managed Services - Does Your School Wireless Network Really Need It?

By: Danny Mareco December 16, 2014   0 Category: K-12 Education, Strategy, Managed WiFi

With the rollout of 802.11ac, the face of school wireless network communications is changing. Because of the broad changes involved, wireless networks that are only a few years old may already be facing obsolescence, and school IT departments may not be positioned to handle a total system overhaul. Managed services may be the solution to your problem, providing professional network management without the expense of hiring additional staff.

The concept behind providing remote services is to allow the school to get on with the process of education without the expense of large IT departments. Skilled services can be administered remotely by highly skilled outside technicians, freeing your in-house techs for traditional networking requirements.k-12 school wireless networks, managed services, wifi service providers,

Deployment and Compatibility

Bringing your school wireless network up to date is not a simple process, and needs to be planned differently than previous 802.11n networks required. To complicate things even more, new network specifications are compatible with 802.11n, but may not work with devices created for 802.11g or earlier standards. Our managed wireless services include analyzing network traffic and making or suggesting changes that optimize throughput.

Network Updates

The benefits to your school include speed, software compatibility, and increased network range. Managed wireless services include guaranteed uptime and cloud compatibility, allowing a new generation of devices and applications to operate at their full potential.

Wireless network hardware and software have to be kept up to date, and managing the needs of a medium sized network can be prohibitive. With remote services, equipment and software monitoring and replacement relieve the strain and costs of your in-house IT staff.

Bandwidth Management

The 802.11ac wireless standard is faster, more powerful and has a longer range. Because of the increased connection capacity, appropriate network management is needed to ensure that important data keeps flowing, and the network is operating optimally.

Bandwidth allocation means increased speed and network capacity where and when it is needed. Today's classrooms are increasingly focused more and more on interactive learning solutions such as using iPads in the classroom and streaming video. Now with the proper amount of bandwidth, smooth, dependable video can be available at every desk without sacrificing network performance in other locations.

Security Management

managed services solutions, wireless network management, school wireless networks,All school wireless networks introduce a certain level of vulnerability that can be mitigated with managed services. From blocking unwanted traffic to establishing direct IP connections to other locations, managed services brings mobility and versatility, backed by a secure environment.

The conclusion is that school wireless networks have a lot to gain from professional managed services. Education, as with the business community, is entering a new era of global communication, powered by fast WiFi, cloud computing and much higher limits on speed and capacity.

Many schools are continuing to invest in wireless networks that are already becoming outdated.

At SecurEdge Networks we have helped hundreds of K-12 schools on their path to mobility, both through traditional design and deployment and with many through continued managed services.

If you would like to discuss how we can analyze and optimize your school wireless network simply contact us here.

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