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Infographic: An Increasing Demand for Classroom Technology

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | June 26, 2013

As mobile technology flourishes, so does the demand for these mobile devices in education.  Our younger generation has a seemingly natural ability with digital devices. This makes for an undeniable decision for its positive use in schools. If technology is what our children are surrounded with outside of school, why disconnect them while they are in school. And with our world increasingly going mobile, why not prepare these students for what they will be using in the future.

Students are not the only ones who will benefit from advanced technology in the classroom.  Teachers will be the leaders using these mobile devices, guiding students in their schooling and collaborations. They feel confident that educational technology is essential in the classroom, improving many aspects of the learning environment. This school technology can also makes the lives of teacher’s a little easier, providing more efficient ways of educating.

This infographic results from a survey taken by CommonSense media in May, 2013, of 764 public schools prek-12. Of the teachers surveyed, 659 use edtech, 235 make high use of edtech, and 88 are planning on implementing 1:1/BYOD programs. 205 administrators among these schools were surveyed as well.

(The infographic is clickable for a larger view)

classroom technology


If your schools teachers are among the many who believe education technology is essential to improving the classroom environment, empower them with the learning tools to do so.  But first, plan! Planning for mobile devices in the classroom is key for a successful implementation.  First, make sure your school has a wireless network infrastructure in place capable of handling the additional wireless devices. SecurEdge Networks can help you in this process. We have worked with many schools across the U.S in their journey to a mobile learning environment. Contact us here for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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