WiFi as a Service

The all-in-one WiFi hardware, software, and managed network solution on a monthly subscription. No upfront costs.

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Simplify your WiFi and get back to growing your business

  • Hardware as a Service

    Best-in-breed hardware meets expert WiFi design and engineering to produce the best user experience.

  • Software as a Service

    The tools and resources you need to manage your network, all on the cloud. Get the latest network monitoring tools, weekly health updates and more.

  • Managed Network Services

    Great WiFi requires ongoing support. We've got you covered, with 24/7 network monitoring and tier 2 level support.

  • All Included on Subscription

    Our monthly subscription model means manageable, monitored WiFi for everyone. 

What's included in SecureEdge WiFi? 

SecurEdge WiFi includes industry-leading hardware to ensure optimal connectivity. You'll also get access to cutting-edge cloud software to help you measure, monitor and manage your network. Available components include:


  • Access Points
  • Network Switches
  • Mobility Controllers (can be hardware based, controller-less or virtual)
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • IP Connected Power


After deployment, we will continue to manage your network, giving you monthly health updates and alerting you of any suspicious activity or potential threats to your network performance or security.



You'll also get:


  • Expert WiFi Design

    Using advanced predictive RF technology, our team of experienced wireless engineers will design a wireless network tailored to your unique needs.
  • Network Management Software

    With SecurEdge Cloud, you have access to the same tools we use to monitor the status of every component installed on your network—all in real-time. From connected devices to WiFi coverage, easily identify what's happening with your end-users and your network.



  • Customized Captive Portal for Guest WiFi

    SecurEdge Cloud includes a customizable splash page with social login options and integrations with email marketing and payment systems.




  • Measurable Performance

    With the SecurEdge Performance Sensor, you can measure performance in real-time from both the network and end-users perspective to get a complete picture of how your network is stacking-up to expectations.



  • Managed Network Services

    We provide the management services you need to keep the operation going, including 24/7 network monitoring and monthly network health updates. 



  • Industry-standard Hardware

    At SecurEdge, we partner with leading manufacturers in WiFi technology, ensuring you the latest technology at the best value.  

Here's how we're different:

  • Custom Design from Industry Experts
  • Managed Network Services with 24/7 Network Monitoring 
  • WiFi as a Service Subscription Model