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4 Crucial Benefits of Purchasing Your WiFi Network on a Subscription

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4 Crucial Benefits of Purchasing Your WiFi Network on a Subscription

By: Danny Mareco February 1, 2018   0 Category: Managed WiFi

You might not think that how you purchase your company’s WiFi network could have a critical impact on your business, but from our experience it can, and it does.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or refresh your company’s existing wireless network, or you’re expanding to a new building or opening a new location and need to implement WiFi in those new spaces, here are four major benefits from purchasing your network on a WiFi as a Service subscription.

1. Nothing Gets Left Out

Every business has a budget, and secure WiFi is one part of that budget which, depending on your business, can include a variety of other business expenses. So, there isn't always enough cash available to get everything you need or want for your wireless network.

Typically, what happens is you’re left trying to make things work the best you can, usually resulting in one building or part of your business running on new technology while other parts are stuck making do with outdated infrastructure. (We’ve talked before about the problem of lumpy WiFi service on a large campus and how WiFi subscriptions can help you avoid it.)

But with a managed WiFi subscription, you don't have to worry about only getting partial funding for your network or just enough to do the top one or two things on your agenda.

Instead, you get it all: all of the latest WiFi hardware, software, and services your business requires. Self-five!


2. Cost

The large up-front capital costs of purchasing secure WiFi can be an impassable barrier to high-performing WiFi, especially for SMBs or businesses with limited cash flow.

What makes it even harder is the recurrence of those large costs associated with purchasing a new wireless network. As the complexities of enterprise-grade wireless have increased, so too has the frequency with which you need to completely refresh your system—and as you probably already know, this is not cheap.

But with WiFi subscriptions, there are no up-front costs, and you can factor your expenses into your ongoing operating budget because they’re budgeted out over time.

3. Keeping Up with Technology

Speaking of refreshing your system: part of providing secure WiFi involves making sure your network is always aligned with the technology being built into the devices you're supporting.

These days, devices change almost as often as Bruno Mars wins Grammys—seriously, just take a look at the graphic below:


Most of us refresh our smartphones every 12–18 months, and new applications are constantly being rolled out. More and more of your business applications are moving to the cloud, and you need a wireless network that can support them.

A subscription allows you to implement a network that can expand and adjust as your business’s devices (capacity) and applications (usage) do.

When your network has this kind of flexibility to upgrade, it will always be prepared to support the latest and greatest technology in your end users’ hands. We structure our upgrade cycles around the technology that’s being introduced, so your network stays current and capable.

4. Access to Expert Resources

If one of your teeth had a cavity, you wouldn’t try to fill it yourself, would you? No, that’s what dentists are for. Most of us recognize that in certain spheres of life, we need to consult the experts. WiFi is no different.

Most businesses lack the qualified in-house staff to navigate the complexities of wireless network design, deployment, and support.

And whether you attempt to train in-house staff or hire someone from the outside, you’ll end up sinking a huge chunk of your WiFi budget into personnel rather than your actual network.

With a SecurEdge subscription you'll get the right wireless network design and deployment for your unique RF environment and Wi-Fi needs, executed by our highly trained, certified, and experienced engineers.

And, once your network has been deployed, the real icing on the cake is the bounty of ongoing managed network services that come with our subscription packages:

  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • tier 2 support
  • monthly health checks
  • software/security updates
  • advanced reporting
  • performance management/measuring

At SecurEdge, our engineers have deployed more than 1,000 wireless networks across a wide range of industries. When you have them in your corner, you get all the expertise you need to maintain a fast, secure, reliable wireless network—all included into your monthly subscription.

Ready to Be a WiFi Hero?

If it’s time for you to upgrade or expand your company’s WiFi network, you have a unique opportunity to reap some big benefits. SecurEdge WiFi subscriptions are the easiest way to:

  • Bundle all the necessary WiFi hardware, software, and support into one solution
  • Budget out the cost of your network over time
  • Keep your technology up-to-date
  • Tap into experienced and certified WiFi resources

If you have questions about adopting WiFi as a Service for your enterprise wireless needs, we’re here to answer them. With flexible, customizable packages, SecurEdge can help you find a subscription solution that fits your company’s requirements. Let's talk!

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