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Wireless Network Services Benefits Retailers in Marketing Operations

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | June 19, 2013


wireless network system in retail

Allowing the use of mobile devices during consumers shopping experiences isn’t just smart-it’s a genius marketing move and can save on overhead cost if properly implemented. Careful design and deployment of a secure wireless network makes this possible.


Allowing shoppers access to your wirless network system not only creates a satisfying experience for the consumer but also allows retailers to know how many people are near the network, how long they stay there, if they leave and return, and the frequency and timing of their visits.  This is made possible with proper MDM (mobile device management software).  The information can then become available to applications that can extract meaning and value for the retailer.  These “loyalty analytics” can be used to send meaningful marketing content to further drive revenue with the information extrapolated from the data.  It truly becomes a marketing land mine. Tailoring customer experiences, creation of brand loyalty, and capitalizing on current trends and getting on the front end of finding new ones – these are the objectives of loyalty analytics.  Accomplishing these goals is done by monitoring the behavior of your best customers and helping to optimize marketing initiatives to attract and retain them.

key metrics a retailer can then have access to include:

Acquisition rate: What percentage of storefront traffic is made up of your loyal customers vs. window shoppers? For shoppers that enter your store or make a purchase?

Commitment rate: How frequently do customers come back to a business and walk-by vs. enter the store?

Engagement: How long do loyal customers linger in front of or inside a store compared with casual shoppers?

Now, this visibility comes only when proper infrastructure is in place-as mentioned before with MDM.  “The value of business intelligence is directly related to the infrastructure required to extract it.”   A sophisticated wireless network infrastructure can allow retailers to gain full access into who is shopping, where they are shopping and how often they are coming back to shop.  The retailer has full control at that time, but this control is only given when Wi-Fi network access is available.  Consumers are more than willing to receive ads when allowed free wireless access in return.  In today’s tablet crazy age, monopolizing on the power a retailer holds when allowing tablets to be used in stores is essential. 

wireless network system in retail

Help save on costs...

Not only can tablet usage be used for marketing management but can also save on overhead cost if consumers are allowed to use tablets in stores to research products.  A store in Australia is ahead of the game as they have set up tablets in the store for consumer use.  “Customers are desperately looking for information.  In-store digital allows customers to self-educate with a minimum of staff assistance.” This can save overhead while still allowing the retailer to know where people are searching and what they are interested in.  http://www.crn.com.au/News/336347,coles-does-in-store-tablet-roll-out.aspx

Differentiating yourself as a leader with in-store tablet usage could catapult a retailer to the top while monopolizing on the data extracted from that usage to gain knowledge and marketing power of the consumer.

It appears that wireless is the future of retail, as well as many other industries and organizations. Careful planning and designing of an effective and efficient wireless system is extremely important. Securedge Networks is an IT solutions firm which specializes in doing just. Contact us here if you have any questions or would like a free consultation.

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