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Employee Wireless Network Management and Control

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Employee Wireless Network Management and Control

By: Danny Mareco June 29, 2011   0 Category: Security

An hour a day keeps the manager away. The internet is something that today’s business can’t live without (I literally tried to think of a business that wouldn’t use the internet for advertising).  According to a recent article on salary.com, 44.7% of wasted time at work is surfing the internet.  This begs the questions; how do you allow the internet for the applications you need and still control what people are doing with it? SecurEdge Networks, based out of Charlotte NC, has been solving this problem for years now. Here are a couple solutions we have implemented:

Timed Access

Each employee gets a certain time allowed for web surfing per day.  You can attach that to a users profile so they can use their time at their discretion or a specific time of the day (often times lunch) can be when Amazon.com, ESPN, or Facebook sites are available. 

Per User Access

Marketing uses Facebook, twitter, flicker, and many other sites every day, but Sales and Accounting don’t need the access.  SecurEdge Networks has worked with customers to have a clients web access be given based on active directory credentials, so every user has the resources they need to do their job.

Control the Application

Lets say you want to allow Facebook, but there is no need for an employee to use the Chat feature, that is no problem.  SecurEdge Networks can get as granular with web applications as your company needs.

Trust but Verity

If your policy is more open and you trust your employees with their time, then we have the ability to just monitor and give reports anytime you would like.  Do you have an employee that just isn’t getting their work done, no problem we can look back as far as you like with an internet history report.  

No matter how you want to control what your employees are doing SecurEdge Networks has a solution.  We are local to the Charlotte market but have customers across the country relying on the experience and forward thinking that SecurEdge Networks has provided.

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