Welcome to the Wi-Fi as a Service Quoting Tool

Providing secure, reliable Wi-Fi isn't a one-size-fits-all process. 

Our industry-certified engineers have been designing and deploying Wi-Fi for SecurEdge for over 12 years and have the industry-specific knowledge to accurately design Wi-Fi for businesses of all kinds. 

Use our wireless network quoting tool to discover more about your wireless needs and get a budgetary quote for Wi-Fi as a Service.


What's your Industry?

Your email will be used to send you a copy of your WiFi as a Service budgetary quote breakdown.

How large is your coverage area?

One of the most important factors in determining your wireless network design needs is having an accurate floor plan. Let us know your approximate square footage so that we can generate a quote representative of your Wi-Fi needs.

How many average daily users are connecting to your network?


Knowing the average number of daily users you expect to be connecting to your Wi-Fi network will help our engineers design for capacity.

How is your current network managed?


Who is managing your Wi-Fi? Do you need additional support services? Let us know so we can get you all the services you need.

  • I have an onsite IT team

  • My Wi-Fi network is managed

  • My network is secured