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Enterprise-grade wireless is now available on subscription. Here are our recommended Wi-Fi solution packages tailored to your unique needs:

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    Spotify, Wistia, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

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    Skype for Business, WebEx, Wireless VoIP, etc.

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    Location Services

    Way-finding, Emergency Notification, Asset Tracking, etc.

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    Business Applications

    Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, Inventory management, etc.

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Tailored to you

Wi-Fi Designed with you in mind.

Learn more about the benefits and features of SecurEdge WiFi.

What we Offer

Wi-Fi as a Service

SecurEdge Wi-Fi as a Service is a holistic approach to wireless. You'll get everything you need from design through deployment and the tools and resources for managing your network on an ongoing basis. The best part? It's all on subscription.


Hardware as
a Service

Typically Includes:

  • Access Points & Controllers

  • Network Switches

  • Next-Gen Firewalls

  • IP Connected Power

  • Scheduled Hardware Upgrades


Software as
a Service

Typically Includes:

  • Real-Time Wi-Fi Visualization

  • Guest Management

  • Network Access Control

  • Performance Testing

  • Network Monitoring Tools



Typically Includes:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

  • Tier 2 Level Support

  • Regular Software Updates

  • Weekly Health Reports

How Does Wi-Fi as a Service work?

Check out our Wi-Fi as a Service Whiteboard video with founder and CEO, Philip Wegner to learn more about how we offer enterprise-grade wireless on subscription.



Wi-Fi performance is incredibly important for you and your users. No one wants slow Wi-Fi holding them back- We've got you covered.

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  • Roaming

    Ensure seamless wireless internet connectivity from one access point of the next

    Learn More
  • Redundancy

    Protect your wireless network system with fail-proof design

    Learn More
  • Prioritize Applications

    Power where you need it. Prioritize the products you use the most

  • Adaptive Radio Management

    Eliminate interference with intelligent design

    Learn More
  • Load Balancing

    Configure your system to distribute performance load evenly across your network

    Learn More
  • Optimized for Mobile

    Mobility-Minded Design. Your network follows you

    Learn More


Safe internet browsing is one of the biggest priorities for customers. At SecurEdge, security is the foundation of our solution stack.

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  • BYOD

    Security for all the devices on your network

    Learn More
  • Content Security

    Protect your valuable content with security-first design

    Learn More
  • Role Based Access Control

    Secure your network by segmenting traffic and implementing user permissions

    Learn More
  • IoT Security

    Prepare for the rise of IoT with a future-facing design

    Learn More
  • Integrated Firewall

    Your firewall integrated seamlessly with your network

    Learn More
  • Rogue AP Detection

    Identify and troubleshoot outsider AP's interfering with your network

    Learn More


Our solution includes network monitoring tools that let you know how your network is performing and help you troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

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  • Real Time Visibility

    Monitor the health of your wireless network in real-time

    Learn More
  • Usage Analytics

    See how your network is being utilized by users, devices and applications Learn More
  • Performance Monitoring

    Ongoing performance testing to measure deliverability and security Learn More


Guest Wi-Fi is not only an important way to delight users, but is a great way to ensure safe, segmented Wi-Fi.
Learn More
  • Guest Analytics

    Gather useful data about your guests to improve branding and experience Learn More
  • Captive Portal

    Customize your splash page and improve end user experience Learn More
  • Social Media Sign On

    Activate social media sign on for easy guest network access Learn More
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We know that kicking your WiFi network into gear for your business can be a long journey spreading across many resources, so we've compiled some resources for you to help ease your research process.

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