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Benefits of NaaS

Businesses run on software, making enterprise networking like a utility—as important as power!
Network as a Service is a shift in how we think about network consumption to better align with the needs of
modern businesses. Here are the common reasons organizations are moving to Network as a Service.


NaaS eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware, software, and licensing. The switch to OPEX increases your buying power while decreasing financial risks. In addition, organizations can augment their existing capabilities by purchasing lifecycle services like assessments, installation services, and a 24X7 network operations center (NOC) reducing the expenses associated with having specialized networking experts on staff.

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NaaS enables organizations to customize service levels based on their end-users technology needs and network usage requirements. Subscriptions have a built-in refresh cycle, so that your business is always running on the latest generation of fast and high-performing network equipment.

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Role-Based Access Control comes standard with Naas—helping protect your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats. You can layer additional security services, like SASE, to build the security posture that aligns with your organization.

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Networking requires RF designs, scheduled maintenance, systematic troubleshooting, and other time-consuming IT management chores. NaaS removes many of these tasks from your day to day, so your team can focus on achieving more important business goals.

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Who is using NaaS?

Organizations of every type, size, and industry are using Network as a Service to make their networks
simple, smart, and secure. Major industries include enterprise businesses, K-12 education, higher education,
large public venues, finance, insurance, industrial, warehousing, and healthcare.

What is SecurEdge?

SecurEdge is a Network as a Service Platform that is inclusive of service delivery software,
a marketplace, and an ecosystem of service providers, partners, ISP, and Apps—aligned so you
can orchestrate network infrastructure—in one place.

Define service levels based on your business needs; then
automate design, deployment, and support for one to thousands of sites.

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