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Is my information safe? Optimizing Network Security and avoiding a data breach

Everyday it seems there is a new major network security breach being reported in the news. Major companies such as Best Buy, Equifax and Bank of America have all fallen victim to cyber crime in recent years.

This has left many consumers and suppliers alike wondering if their information is safe. The first and strongest line of defense for avoiding a data breach is a secure network.

Why is Network Security important?

The digital age has made collecting and saving information an even more powerful business tool. This has resulted in a wealth of personal user data being stored on devices and cloud storage across a wide range of fields and specialties. Users trust their most personal information with a host of networks, including Universities, hospitals, online market places and more. It is imperative then that these organizations maintain a secure network environment for collecting and storing that data.

Who Needs a Secure Network?

Data and network security should be a top priority for everyone accessing the internet. While personal networks in your home or small business can be maintained and optimized more easily through first level firewall defenses, medium and large sized companies are more vulnerable.

The first step in protecting your data is by integrating a secure network. It can be difficult or impossible to accommodate for the constantly evolving digital world without a well-designed network structure in place.

Securedge designs a network structure tailored to your needs so that you have the services you need in place to accommodate your users and ensure a safe connection and data collection for everyone in your network.

How do I monitor Network Security?

A data breach is usually caught when it is too late. For this reason, implementing a strong and secured network and monitoring your network and s

Securedge Managed Network includes network monitoring and management to give you and your users the security and peace of mind. Learn more about what you can get with Wifi as a Service.







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