Comprehensive Wireless Network Security

For Your Network, Devices, Applications and End-Users.


With mobility comes a whole new set of wireless network security and support challenges to solve. Users are accessing the network from inside and outside the office and from any device. Threats can come from content, from the network, from the air, and from the applications themselves. SecurEdge can build security into the foundation of everything you do.

Network Security

Next-Generation Security for advanced threat protection

Threat protection from malicious activity has never been more complex than it is today. But before you can control it, you've got to be able to see it. We can help you gain visibility into the users, applications, and content on your network, then implement policies to mitigate the threats.

Network Access Control

Centrally Managed, Role-Based Network Access

The more devices on your network, the higher your risk of a security breach, especially in a BYOD world. More than ever, it’s important to have a way to centrally manage users, devices, and policies. We’ll help you build a system to support and manage network access from any device on almost any platform.

Wireless Security

Always-on wireless threat protection

Wireless hacks have become so common that most industries now have compliance standards specifically for wireless security. But sometimes meeting the minimum requirements still leaves you exposed. We’ll build wireless security systems that meet the guidelines but are always watching your back.

Mobile Device Management | Mobile Device Security

Easily manage and secure devices

Device management and security is quickly becoming a requirement for maintaining company-owned assets, or even to allow BYOD. We can help you configure, secure, and support mobile devices with comprehensive tools for management and security.

Security Questions?

Our security experts will discover any areas of improvement in your network security.