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There is an explosion of wireless devices that must work on 802.11 wireless infrastructures. Mobility means users now connect on both the wireless infrastructure as well as on wired Ethernet ports. Mobility and Security must be designed as seamless to the user but be able to address and control different types of devices, applications, user groups, and security policies.  

The challenge is that now the IT Staff must manage the wireless infrastructure, control the different types of devices, and maintain compliance with the industry standards for security.

SecurEdge can help build a Wireless Management System to address those challenges by building a system with the following features and characteristics.

Simple User Interface

Easy to use interface for all types of the IT Staff responsible for supporting wireless solutions. Help desk, IT Managers, and Network Engineers can share the same management system with different easy to use reporting and functionality.

User-Centric Management

Gives you a single, accurate picture of everything that affects service quality for your users – from wired infrastructure, to the RF environment, to individual mobile devices.

Business Intelligence

Provides executive reports and critical usage data on a wide range of activities on users, devices, utilization thresholds, and data security compliance. Information is stored up to two years and holds a wide range of information from utilization reports to specific user and device data reports.

Multi-Vendor Management

Even in multi-vendor networks and mixed architectures with multiple generations of products, you have a single view to monitor and manage your entire network.

Mobile and Fixed Edge Management

Provides centralized management of your wireless infrastructure as well as provides visibility into the wired edge of your network.

802.11 Mobile Device Management

Extends visibility and control to manage business critical mobile devices from handheld PC’s to self service kiosks and wireless printers. Provides a single view wireless infrastructure, wired infrastructure and mobile devices.

Visualize everything, everywhere.

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