Mobility Solutions

Discover whenever, wherever connectivity with secure mobility solutions.

Wireless Platforms: Always On, Always Connected.

Mobility creates opportunities to use technology and applications to revolutionize the way we work, learn, and play. It enables a new generation of users who rely on mobile devices for virtually everything. SecurEdge provides Secure Mobility Systems customized to your unique users and your unique applications.

  • Based on 10 years of experience and over 500 deployments we only work with best of breed products. There's a lot out there, we choose to only work with the best available.
  • Each year we evaluate every product on the market within 11 critical categories.
  • Our main focus in on most functionality for the money as well as reliability and ease of suppot.

Empower your people

Connect your wired and wireless infrastructure with hand picked switching, power, WAN optimization, location services and Wi-Fi products based on our 10 years of experience.


Build Intelligence into the Core

Mobility networking requires a different approach to network design and it requires a new level of thinking. SecurEdge can build software-based intelligence right in the fabric of your network.

Managed Services

Visualize everything, everywhere

With distributed users and networks, visibility into wireless coverage, as well as how devices and apps are performing on the network becomes critical. SecurEdge can build real-time visibility into your network to help you identify and solve problems, so you can make better informed decisions.

Monitor, Optimize, Repeat

With the explosion of devices on the network, being able to monitor and control the performance of the network is more important than ever. SecurEdge can help you guarantee your network SLA with tools that monitor usage, measure performance, and provide actionable data.

Flexible connectivity anywhere

SecurEdge can design, deploy and support outdoor wireless networks that allow outdoor environments to be interconnected. The right outdoor wireless solution will provide the same capacity and reliability of a wired network.

Affordable, Robust and Secure Wireless Platforms

are only possible with the right design. Download Your WLAN Design Kit Here!