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WiFi Made Easy.

Focus on running your franchise, not worrying about your network. SecurEdge makes delivering enterprise-grade WiFi, simple and affordable.

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Turnkey Wireless Solutions

WiFi bundles are a flexible, cost-effective solution to experience fast, secure, and reliable WiFi—all on one monthly subscription.

Option 1 - WiFi as a Service (OPEX Only)

WiFi as a Service allows franchise owners to bundle
everything that they need for fast, secure, and reliable WiFi into one monthly subscription. With no upfront costs, this is the easiest way to deliver enterprise-grade WiFi today.

Option 2 - Managed WiFi (CAPEX + OPEX)

Managed WiFi allows franchise owners to purchase all of the necessary WiFi and networking hardware as an upfront capital expense (CAPEX). Then, bundle professional
services, advanced software, and managed network
services into one monthly subscription (OPEX).

We have been working with SecurEdge as our Wi-Fi solutions partner for 3 years now. In that time, they have helped us deploy over 40 locations across four states. Having a team of experts who can deliver and manage our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, has saved us time and reduced our capital expenses. We believe SaaS is the way to go – and, you need a partner to do so. With SecurEdge, we have peace of mind knowing that they’re committed to the success of Sola Salons and our stylists. We believe SecurEdge is an ideal partner for Sola Salons.

What's Included

Enterprise-grade WiFi Infrastructure

  • Up to 10x faster than other wireless networks
  • Supports 100+ devices
  • Exceeds the expectations of your stylists and their clients

System Design, Configuration, and Setup

  • 13+ years of wireless and security experience
  • Over 1000+ successful deployments
  • Ready for optimal performance on day one
  • 50+ years of combined WiFi engineering experience

Managed Support

  • Complete warranty
  • Support for the life of the system
  • Priority support for Sola operators
  • Proprietary cloud-based management system
  • Customized guest splash page


  • A consistent refresh cycle keeps everything up-to-date
  • Everything you need in one subscription
  • Worry-free management of your network


  • Proactively avoids problems before they become complaints
  • Customized guest splash pages
  • Measures the performance of your end-users and critical applications


  • Protect your business against malware and other malicious threats
  • Ensure your stylists' and their clients' data is always secure with PCI compliance
  • Role-based security design

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Sola Salons Franchise Increases Efficiency with SecurEdge

Simple. Smart. Secure WiFi.

Simple, cost-effective WiFi, designed to

maximize your profitability and operational effectiveness.

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