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Providing a truly great user experience goes far beyond hardware. Below are two ways we can help businesses do this through software today.

user experience iq UXiQ performance monitoring software dashboard from SecurEdge
user experience iq UXiQ performance monitoring software dashboard from SecurEdge
Performance Monitoring

Gain complete confidence in the quality and stability of your network.

With a constant feed of performance data, network managers can proactively manage the user experience in real-time.

  • Automate troubleshooting through proactive testing 24/7.
  • Instantly receive alerts when a possible issue has been detected.
  • Capture historical performance data to create a baseline for performance.
  • Improve your bottom line by quickly locating and resolving problems before they bring you down.
Guest Splash Pages

Keep the conversation going
with Guest WiFi

Offering free and secure guest WiFi access at your business shouldn't be difficult or risky to deliver. 

  • Create a secure, easy, and familiar guest experience through social sign-in options.
  • Upload your logo and custom background images, then direct guests to strategic landing pages to create a unique experience.
  • Co-brand with partners and vendors to create advertising revenue.
  • Automatically add guests to your mailing lists with email marketing integration.
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Anticipate and Resolve

Discover how performance monitoring is allowing businesses to
stop problems before they become complaints.


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With tools to manage performance and provide easier guest access, creating a better user experience has never been this easy.

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Are you experiencing performance problems with your current WiFi network? Do you need a WiFi design for a new location? Our team is ready to help.


Managed WiFi Solutions

WiFi should be easy to deploy and even easier to manage. With limited budgets and IT always being asked to do more, managed WiFi is the answer.