Wireless Site Survey

Predictive Wireless Design tools are very effective at planning a wireless system. But in some cases an onsite survey is required.

We recommend an onsite survey in the following scenarios: 

The WIFI will be supporting complex applications such as: 
  • Wireless VoIP
  • MultiMedia
  • Wireless Video Surveillance
  • IPTV over Wireless
  • Real Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • Advanced Data Applications
The coverage area is at high risk for interference (e.g. hospitals, office parks, densely populated areas, high-humidity areas or buildings with excessive metal, paper inventory, unique architecture or that are surrounded by high-voltage lines).
  • Areas of high user/device and application density
  • The coverage area is more than 300k square feet.

Spectrum Analysis

During an Onsite Survey, all interference is measured and represented as noise. Although the overall noise level is a useful variable, it does not identify which devices are causing interference and to what extent. A Spectrum Survey identifies each specific device that may be causing interference and pinpoints its location. Only a Spectrum survey provides the precise data needed to address or resolve the interference caused by rogue APs, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices or microwaves on a device-by-device basis.

SecurEdge has years of experience deploying complex wireless applications in challenging environments. We take the guesswork out of planning for advanced wireless systems.

Complimentary Wireless Network Design

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