Strategy is great but it’s nothing without execution.

With the roadmap we worked together to create, we can procure, install, configure and integrate your mobility system with your current network. We have experience deploying systems all over the world and we've structured our services to help you turn ideas into reality.

Deployment Services

Building a mobility system that works starts with proper planning, but the implementation of the design is just as critical to the success of your project. Our deployment team carries industry certifications as well as product-specific certifications, and our deployment services were created with the goal of making things easy for you. We can manage large-scale rollouts or we can engineer your platform and develop a process for you to scale mobility for your entire organization.


Professional rollouts from industry-certified technicians

Many times, it’s how the system is physically installed that prevents problems from popping up down the road. Our installation services can incorporate all parts of mobility including wireless, switching, network cabling and even outdoor Wi-Fi antennas and components. Our technicians and project management specialize in large scale Wi-Fi installations. We have experience with Campus Wi-Fi, K-12, hospital environments, industrial, and even airports. Having an installation team that understands the environment can make all the difference.


Experience is the best teacher, as long as it’s someone else’s experience

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to mobility, and you can utilize ours. SecurEdge deployment services give you access to engineers with real-world deployments in your industry. We carry expert-level wireless certifications, as well as expert-level product-specific certifications. We’ve engineered and successfully implemented hundreds of mobility systems; working with our team, you’ll receive some of the industry’s best resources to help with the success of your project.

Experience you can count on

Find out how easy your deployment can be, speak with a SecurEdge mobility specialist today.