In-depth analysis with actionable results.

Assessment Services

A plan for Enterprise Mobility begins with an understanding of your current system, how it’s set up, and mapping out what you’d like to do with mobility in the future. The reality is that many organizations could use some help to determine how their current network infrastructure stacks up against industry standards for security and performance. We've built our Assessment Services to help determine exactly where you are on the road to mobility.

Application Performance Testing

See things from your user’s point of view

Let’s face it: most of our network troubleshooting tools are old. Most of them were designed for simple "are-they-connected-or-not"-type scenarios, and for computers tethered to a wall. But you've got mobile devices with critical applications not performing how they’re supposed to and users complaining that the “wireless is bad.” It’s hard to know if the problem is the application, the device, the wireless, the switching, the bandwidth...or user error. The strength of application performance testing is that we can simulate and experience the same things your users are experiencing, benchmark performance based on how things should work, and make recommendations on how to address the issue.

Mobility Assessments

Be ready for what’s coming, and for what’s already here

Mobility is here to stay, and most organizations have some type of wireless networking, and certainly wired networking, in place today. But is it what you need to support your users and apps? How does the wired network perform when BYOD devices are competing against your business-critical apps? Our mobility assessments include an evaluation of your wireless networking and your wired infrastructure, as well as how you manage performance, to get you ready for the future.

Security Assessments

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

The problem with mobility is that you’re tasked with a whole new set of risks associated with allowing users to connect from anywhere, and on devices that you don’t own. There are many compliance requirements like HIPAA and PCI that are there to enforce some minimum standards on security. But the bigger issue is how do you protect the sensitive information from theft or misuse? We can deploy tools that provide visibility into the activities that are happening on your network, identify where you may have risks, and help you build the right security posture for your complicated mobile environment.

Not all Wireless Network Designs are Created Equal

Discover how the SecurEdge method is right for your organization.