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Are you currently experiencing performance problems?

Troubleshoot and optimize your existing wireless network

Expert-level WiFi Performance Assessments are the most complete solution to quickly diagnose and fix even the most complex of problems.

  • A holistic view of your entire wireless network—from hardware and configurations to your mission-critical applications.
  • Compatible with any WiFi network, across all industries.
  • Utilizing powerful WiFi tools by experienced and certified WiFi experts.
  • Discover exactly what's impacting your performance and what needs to be done to resolve any issues.
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Are you constructing a new building or refreshing an existing network?

The right WiFi design for optimal performance from day one

90% of  WiFi problems are caused by having a bad WiFi design. Guarantee optimal system performance with a predictive WiFi design or on-location WiFi site survey.

  • Every WiFi design is customized to meet your specific requirements.
  • Architected using the latest network security best practices and role-based policies.
  • Designed by experts with a combined 50+ years of enterprise-grade WiFi experience.
  • Available for businesses of all sizes and environments.
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4 common WiFi scenarios you might be facing
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Case studies

Create exceptional experiences with SecurEdge

We're helping businesses innovate-and surpass their competition with simple, smart, and secure WiFi. Learn how some amazing companies have already found success with SecurEdge.

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How a Sola Salon franchise operator has found scalable success deploying WiFi as a Service with SecurEdge.

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Modern Guest WiFi at Legacy Union in Charlotte

Commercial Real Estate

How a commercial real estate firm was able to deliver a modern guest experience at Legacy Union with SecurEdge.

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University Village Residence Halls at SCSU

Higher Education

How University Village was able to transform the student experience for its 438 residents with SecurEdge.

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Software Tools

A single cloud-based platform with tools to power a more intelligent and integrated user experience.

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Managed WiFi Solutions

WiFi should be easy to deploy and even easier to manage. With limited budgets and IT always being asked to do more, managed WiFi is the answer.