SecurEdge Industry Specific IT Solutions

Wireless for SchoolsStudents also are demanding to be un-tethered from campus LAN's and want to work from wherever they may be; a café, the library, their dorm, or the campus commons. These demands require a robust and secure network to provide them with what they need in order to access adequate resources for coursework. SecurEdge can offer these services and more while providing the infrastructure to maintain network integrity. 

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SecurEdge provides healthcare clients with secure network services that allow delivery of applications across the network either via wire or wireless. These services range from wireless voice over IP calls, to paging, RFID tracking and all can be delivered while maintaining full HIPAA compliancy. Our security solutions offer reporting on the HIPAA compliancy of your wired and wireless infrastructure.

Retail WirelessNew Payment Card Industry, PCI, standards require businesses handling payment cards to detect rogue access points that may be plugged into their networks. SecurEdge is situated to provide continuous analysis of the wireless spectrum for detection of rogue access points, intrusion attempts, and even location tracking of the rogues once they are detected. Let us help you stay compliant with the new PCI requirements.

ManufacturingThe manufacturing process benefits from real time knowledge of inventory. Traditionally this was a labor intensive process requiring excessive man hours as well as pen and paper pushing. SecurEdge can leverage a wireless network with RFID capabilities allowing our clients' real time, 24x7 monitoring of inventory levels. Clients with a SecurEdge wireless network also have on hand the infrastructure to plug in other applications like forklift dispatching, mobile device functionality and trailer tracking.