Protect Your Users and Your School's Network with Content Security

What is Content Security?

With every positive benefit that comes with mobility and wireless also comes new challenges and security risks. In today's "anywhere, always-on" education landscape students and teachers have access to an unbelievable library of information. The problem is that same access if unchecked opens the door to a vast number of malicious websites that exist throughout the internet today. Content security solutions sit between your students/faculty and both the internet and different applications to ensure the well-being of your students and staff.


Today's content security must adhere to very specific guidelines. In addition to adhering to CIPA laws and regulations proper content security can also be configured to adhere to custom policies from:

  • The School Board
  • Community Standards
  • and any Common Sense policies the school deems critical


Students are more tech-savvy than ever before; they're constantly searching out the latest content from various applications and locations. It takes a multi-layered approach with complete visibility and control. The latest content security systems have the ability to:

  • Easily define rules based on user, application and content
  • Identify applications regardless of port, protocol, or SSL encryption
  • Easily implement traffic classification based on users and application
  • Go beyond URL filtering and anti-virus protection
  • Constant updates that can be pushed instantly to your filters
  • Active Directory/ LDAP Integration
  • Advanced reporting andanalytics of all activity on your network including:
    • viruses
    • spyware
    • ad ware
    • unauthorized web sites blocked
    • Multi-Gbps speeds
    • Threats thwarted
    • Intrusions prevented

Increased Efficiency

Content security shouldn't be difficult to implement and even more so shouldn't be difficult to manage. Having a central management platform for your security will give you more proficient reporting and analysis as well as ultimately lowering your operational costs.

Are you application aware?

Today's school's need to have complete visibility and control 24/7. Talk to one of our secure mobility consultants today and become application aware.

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