Control Your Campus Wi-Fi Traffic with Bandwidth Management

Simply Adding More Bandwidth Won't Cut It

One of the biggest challenges that most campuses deal with are issues surrounding bandwidth. Each new school year students come back to your campus and with them hundreds if not thousands of devices (both old and new) as well as the latest in high-bandwidth hogging internet applications. The problem is how do you plan to scale and grow with your environment? In order to keep up with your users expectations and demands a shift in strategy is needed.

On top of providing your students and faculty with the performance that expect how do you balance that with the right amount of security, how do you protect your enterprise resource planning initiatives such as HR, grading scheduling, payroll and give your faculty access to the academic applications they need?

It definitely seems daunting but there are solutions that will help you.

How Big of a Pipe Do You Need?

Understanding how much pipe you will need is critical but you need real data to do this effectively. Bandwidth management platforms allow you to see

  • what's being used on your network
  • where its being used
  • when its being used
  • who is using it

Then based on this data you can make an informed decision on how to scale your bandwidth. 

Traffic Shaping

The real key to bandwidth management is having the ability to set policies to prioritize your bandwidth for the right functions at the right times. You need the ability to adjust the amount of bandwidth available:

  • During specific time frames
  • For specific functions
  • For specific applications
  • In certain areas of your campus
  • To specific devices

The real benefit is how this improves the QoS (quality of service) for everyone accessing your network. The needed performance will scale and adjust as your clients needs adjust.

Visibility Saves Networks

Bandwidth management also has the ability to improve your security by helping you to identify unclassified traffic and close the security gaps that it can present to your network. If you don't know what it is how can you determine if its bad or good?

Having the right level of visibility and the right policies in place gives your IT team the ability to become proactive instead of reactive when supporting your users and this is leads to campus-wide connectivity success.

Prioritize Your Campus Wi-Fi Network With Bandwidth Management

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