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Growth  in WiFi Devices Every Year

According to Gartner Research


Wireless Internet is a Utility

No matter what industry you're in today, secure WiFi is a mission-critical service.

Statistics gathered by Gartner show WiFi as the primary method of connecting to the world. We started SecurEdge before we had iPhones and iPads. Back then, WiFi speeds were much slower than wired networks, and WiFi was considered “hotspot” access.

Today, the typical business person doesn’t need someone else to tell them that WiFi is essential. We book our flights and hotel plans based on WiFi availability. If the WiFi goes down in the office, we relocate to coffee shops or our home office. WiFi has gone from a nice-to-have amenity to a must-have utility.

WiFi That Works

No One is Plugging

in With a Wire


Wireless is Evolving
in a Mobile-First World

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    Web Based Applications

    Bandwidth is cheap, and most of the applications we use have moved to the cloud. Your email, CRM, accounting system, school learning software, and countless other applications are web-based. Clearly, cloud-based software as service models are here to stay.

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    WiFi Only Devices

    Technology is developing around an increasingly wireless world. Smartphones, tablets, and even some newer laptops don't even have wired connections available. They rely entirely on WiFi to connect to the internet. It's important to design a wireless network that is mobile-first.

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    WiFi Speeds

    The speed of WiFi is getting faster, increasing at a rate of 4xs  every 3 years, and while still not quite as fast as a wired connection, a properly designed WiFi system has more than enough speed to handle anything a mobile device can do. 

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    IoT Devices

    IoT is growing at an astonishing rate. From clocks to insulin pumps, to temperature sensors, IoT has permeated our daily lives and become a fixture in our businesses, hospitals, and schools. All of these added devices can spell trouble for your wireless network if it was not designed with a growing capacity in mind. WiFi as a Service ensures your network will scale as your number of users and devices does. 

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    End User Expectations are Higher than Ever

    Today's end user has one expectation for your wireless network: it has to work- fast.  More and more, users are rating businesses not solely by the quality of their products and services, but by their WiFi. To meet customer demands, it is important to have a well-designed WiFi system, especially if you're operating at a large scale

WiFi that Performs

Secure WiFi for
business is as
important as power 


Secure WiFi is a Utility

If we're primarily doing business on wireless devices, and our applications are based in the cloud, then it stands to reason that secure WiFi has become a utility

Thinking of WiFi as a utility requires a mental shift for many, but the reality is undeniable. This new mobile-first world is evolving quickly. The typical IT manager faces a whole new set of challenges around security, design, and support.

We've specialized in secure WiFi since 2005, starting solely as a WiFi engineering company. Some of our engineers have logged over 10,000 working hours building large-scale WiFi systems and security infrastructure.

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