Make Smarter Decisions through better Visibility with Wi-Fi Management

Optimizing Your Network

College and university campuses are some of the most complex Wi-Fi environments. The challenge that most IT Administrators are facing today is how to keep up with the growing number of devices and bandwidth sucking apps.

Operational Challenges
  • Most schools are sprawling campuses, in most cases covering 100's if not 1000's of acres. 
  • Students and faculty rely on wireless to reach their academic and research goals
  • Growing user population makes scaling to support them difficult
  • Some schools might have a system made up of many different products and separate networks
  • Visibility
  • Granular metrics of what's going on inside of your network
  • Efficiency from both a network perspective and a cost perspective

What Wi-Fi Management Offers

The higher education space is such a dense, complex and growing environment, to be successful today and properly scale to support your users you need the following:

  • Centralized platform to control and manage your wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Real-time monitoring and advanced analytics
  • Fast and accurate reporting including historical reports and proactive alerts and troubleshooting
  • Intuitive and easy to use dashboards
  • Advanced troubleshooting of:
    • RF coverage
    • unified communications
    • collaborative traffic 
    • application performance
  • Collection of usage data
  • Rouge AP detection
  • Metrics based on what types of devices are being used on your network and where
  • Metrics based on what AP's are being accessed as well as how many devices are on your network at any given point in time
  • Multi-Vendor support for both wired and wireless equipment

The Big Picture

Like many aspects of society today, the control is in the hands of the consumer. In other words, your environment, your users (students, faculty and guests) and what they are doing with technology dictates what you have to do to support and accommodate that demand. 

Wi-Fi management gives you the ability to meet these new and growing expectations on your terms, offering you the needed visibility and control to giver your students and staff what they want, an exceptional mobility experience.

Optimize Your Network for The Ultimate User Experience

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