The Importance of K-12 School Wireless Networks Today

Whether you are an IT director at a K-12 school who just found out your district was granted 1 to 1 funding and the 500 netbooks coming don’t have a wired port, or a CIO at a University where the average student is showing up with 5 devices that require wireless network access, the task is the same. You have to build a secure wireless system with the capability to support and maintain all of those users, devices, and applications. 

SecurEdge specializes in building campus wireless networks with the ability to support interactive learning initiatives. We have experience to help design, deploy and support your project from start to finish.  

We provide:

  • MultiMedia Grade Wireless (Support for Voice, Video, and streaming applications)
  • Integrated Wireless Security & Rogue AP Detection
  • Full Campus Coverage: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Role Based Access Control by user groups (Student, Faculty, Guest)
  • Load balancing of users for large classroom support
  • Centralized Management
  • Live RF coverage maps
  • Captive Portal log in
  • Flexible funding and payment options
  • Many more features

Learn How to Deploy the Right School Wi-Fi Network for Both Today's and Tomorrow's Needs

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