Outdoor Wireless Mesh Networks

Flexible connectivity without pulling wires

Wireless mesh networks allow  environments to be interconnected without the cost and hassle of wiring. Wireless Mesh Networks are the perfect solution for municipalities, public safety agencies, port authorities, industrial enterprises, transportation agencies and service providers due to the fact they solve a wide range of communications challenges across challenging outdoor environments. Ideal uses and cases for wireless mesh include:

Public safety and emergency response

Emergency networks demand wireless connectivity that supports coverage of large geographic areas, high-speed mobility and high-quality video surveillance. Wireless mesh routers are ideal to deliver high throughput, highly reliable wireless connectivity n a variety of public safety applications, including first responders and physical security for public events, parking garages and other outdoor facilities. 

Extended campuses and business parks

College Campuses require both indoor and outdoor connectivity, but delivering that connectivity with a consistent wireless solution can be challenging. With wireless mesh, educational institutions and business parks can provide wireless coverage both inside and outside, and even for non-line-of-site applications. Using a wireless mesh avoids the high cost of trenching and pulling fiber between buildings on a large campus.


Municipalities can build out a high-quality network service over a large geographic area for their departments and constituents without sacrificing quality or control, even in areas that would otherwise require costly wired backhaul.


Construction sites can use a wireless mesh to provide worker and inspectors with access to 
information resources during the day and to provide video surveillance at night. Wireless mesh routers can be used to deliver wireless connectivity over broad area without the need to pull wires. 

Transportation agencies and port authorities

Transportation agencies can support real-time applications and video surveillance over large physical area using a wireless mesh without the hassle of pulling fiber for a wired network or leasing expensive bandwidth from a service provider.

Manufacturing plants, warehouses and outdoor industrial facilities

Industrial environments can ensure the productivity and safety of their workers with an industrial-strength, wireless mesh network that is easy to deploy and operate. Support for high-speed mobility and video surveillance makes the workers more productive and the site safer.

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