Location Services


SecurEdge provides a scalable, cost-effective set of solutions for location and asset tracking. By leveraging the WLAN to provide location tracking, parallel dedicated networks of RTLS sensors need not be deployed. The SecurEdge solution requires no site surveys or “fingerprinting,” making installation simple and fast. And because no dedicated location appliances are required, the solution is very cost-effective.

For tracking assets without wireless LAN radios such as IV pumps, golf carts, or projectors, special-purpose RFID/RTLS “tags” are available that attach to assets to be tracked. To conserve battery life, tags do not associate to a wireless LAN. Instead, they periodically transmit “blink frames” that are received and interpreted by the WLAN infrastructure. 

RTLS solutions extend beyond just location tracking to include functions such as panic buttons, temperature sensors, motion sensing, and telemetry. In addition to location display and historical tracking, RTLS servers offer integration with business process software and the ability to track many thousands of devices simultaneously. Advanced tracking functionality includes support for asset entry/exit into/out of special zones, rooms and buildings, and “maintenance due” alerts.

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