Wireless for Hospitals

Hospitals are moving to electronic record-keeping, mobile platforms for doctors and nurses (such as iPads and other portable devices), and IP-based video applications. The upgrade has increased the demand for new Wi-Fi access points, as well as security software. Hospitals need a secure wireless system with the capability to support and maintain users, devices, and applications. 

SecurEdge specializes in building hospital wireless networks with the ability to support mobile applications. We have experience to help design, deploy and support your project from start to finish.  

We Provide:

  • MultiMedia Grade Wireless (Support for Voice, Video, and streaming applications)
  • Integrated Wireless Security & Rogue AP Detection
  • Full Coverage: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Role Based Access Control by user groups (Employee, Contractor, Guest)
  • Load balancing of devices
  • Support for Nurse Badges
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Centralized Management
  • Live RF coverage maps
  • Secure Patient Access
  • Flexible funding and payment options
  • Many more features

The Ultimate Hospital Network Design Guide

Learn in detail the most important steps to take when planning your hospital wifi network.