Network Security for Hospitals

Hospitals today are using an array of different mobile devices in almost every aspect of daily activies. Mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, Droid devices and more are all being used by employees and patients. SecurEdge has the solutions available to help provide network security from each and every device in use.

The healthcare security and risk assessment sections of HIPAA for compliance are huge challenges for healthcare providers today, who are struggling to use and take advantage of Web 2.0 and its online applications and tools, while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Healthcare security and risk assessment is a key element to HIPAA compliance and general privacy and security.

Beyond HIPAA compliance, and the healthcare security and risk assessment sections, providers and payers have complex problems with the Web and the threats, risks and costs it presents. Threat prevention is always important, but healthcare organizations also have to manage costs more than most industries – making bandwidth management, content filtering and application control critical to keeping costs low and improving security.

SecurEdge Networks provides the necessary protection and control for healthcare organizations to fully utilize their electronic medical records, communications and education with cost savings and healthcare security and risk assessment of HIPAA with in-depth network security and protection, as well as the ability to prevent data leakage of protected health information. SecurEdge manages your bandwidth, applications and content to ensure your network is optimized for the best patient care and safety.

 ● Scanning USB drives
● Network Access control
● Endpoint compliance
● Active directory integration
● Content filtering
● Bandwidth shaping
● Granular application control 
(Example: Allowing Facebook to be checked, but blocking the ability to chat, or post). 

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