Have Complete Control and Visibility of Your Network with Wi-Fi Management

A New Kind of K-12 Environment

With the average student now using between 3-5 mobile devices each, do you know how many devices you have connecting to your school's wireless network? (We haven't even counted applications yet.)

In the increasingly BYOD world we live in chances are this number fluctuates daily, especially when you factor in faculty and guests. 

With this increased demand, how to do you stay in control and deliver a robust experience?

Everywhere, Everything Visibility

Even in a 1:1 setting you still need to be prepared for anything that might access your network. Regardless of vendor you need to have the most detailed view possible. 

With the right system in place comes some major advantages including:

  • View of detailed, real-time Wi-Fi coverage
  • Real-time mobile device and application performance data
  • Increase SLA efficiency
  • Lower the amount of helpdesk tickets
  • Resolve problems faster
  • Make decisions based on real-time intelligence
  • Historical reporting
  • Proactive alerts
  • Quick and intuitive user interface through various dashboards

Centralized Management

Most schools are limited to small IT departments but this doesn't have to make things more difficult. With a centralized management system your entire wireless network can run and managed from one single point.

Mobility in K-12 education has become a seemingly complex ecosystem. With the proper Wi-Fi management system in place, you can:

  • Plan for capacity and coverage
  • Diagnose end-to-end connectivity
  • Troubleshoot application performance issues
  • Monitor client behavior
  • Search for specific users
  • Gather real-time mobile device analtyics 
  • Automate configuration

This and more can all be implemented by even the smallest IT departments within a single dashboard with as few as one click of their mouse.

The best solutions have multi-vendor compatibility meaning no matter what vendors make up your school's wireless infrastructure you will still have complete visibility and control. For example:

  • Controllerless
  • Controller-managed
  • Legacy equipment
  • 802.11ac access points

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