Effortlessy Secure and Manage Every Device on Your Network with Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management?

The amount of mobile devices connecting to our schools wireless networks are growing at an exponential rate. Currently the average student owns between 3 and 5 devices each and they all want to connect with them when and where they want.

Basically Mobile device management has become an essential requirement for all K-12 schools to monitor, manage and support all of the mobile devices on your network. Specifically offering:

  • Centralized Visibility of all users and devices connecting to your network
  • Gives IT staff the ability to apply specific policies to each user and device
  • Enroll devices in your school environment quickly
  • Configure and update student/faculty devices
  • Maintain compliance
  • Protect your network from mobile threats
  • Simplify the administrative process
  • Device provisioning, locking and wiping.

Why do Schools Need MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

Simply put, we're not only dealing with wired networks and computer labs anymore. In that world school IT departments owned the devices, and had complete control on the entire network devices, applications everything. With the proliferation of mobile things have changed quickly and drastically.

With the demand for BYOD, BYOT and BYOA (bring your own application) school IT leaders are faced with the expectation to not only support these new devices and applications but do so securely and efficiently.

The K-12 environment has evolved into a highly collaborative, personalized learning experience but how do support and enormous amount of devices (most of which if not all you don't own) to connect to your school's wireless network? Where are you going to find the time? How can a limited staff support so many clients effectively?

The answer again, with Mobile Device Management.

The best MDM solutions offer a centralized control system that allow even the smallest teams to offer a robust and secure mobility experience to their users.

What else should an MDM platform consist of:

  • You need to have the ability to automatically push out new updates from a web-based platform
  • Remotely identify and issue device diagnostics
  • Remotely provision both recommended applications and internal apps
  • Enforce security policies regarding passwords and blacklists to protect school and student data
  • Remotely disconnect or disable any and all unauthorized apps and mobile devices
  • Easy and seamless integration of new users and new devices

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