Constantly Staying ahead of the Campus WiFi Curve at Chowan University

Campus Wi-Fi has to constantly evolve to support the changes in the classroom and the devices our students are using. For almost 8 years now, SecurEdge has been a critical resource to help us keep up with our changing needs.
Jay Howell, Executive Director of IT - Chowan University
Business Challenges

Chowan University is located in Mufreesboro, NC and is the second oldest Baptist College in the state. A highly respected University, Chowan believes Wi-Fi is a critical service that must be in place to support learning functions, student life and activities, as well as the needs of their faculty and staff. Over the last 8 years, Chowan has seen the demand to provide wireless coverage on campus increase exponentially. In an effort to support 3-5 Wi-Fi connected devices per student, online testing platforms and multimedia delivered over wireless, Chowan University choose SecurEdge to design, deploy and support a complete secure mobility solution. Challenges:

  • One high-performing WLAN solution with a central management system
  • Support for high-density areas and BYOD
  • Solution for Multimedia over Wireless
  • Coverage across large common areas
  • High level of visibility and control
  • Simple to use, reliable, high-performing user experience
Our Solution

SecurEdge began working with Chowan University in 2007 to help design Wi-Fi on campus. The original system designed was built on Aruba Networks' Controller Based platform to support the academic buildings and dorms. Over the years, the design and implementation has been adjusted to incorporate the increases in capacity needed to support the large number of devices per student they required. As technology changes, SecurEdge has worked with the college to help adjust their strategy to reflect the latest standards to fit their needs and budget requirements. Our Solution: 

  • High Density RF Design in the academic areas
  • Coverage based RF design for Dorms and Residences
  • 400 + Aruba Access Points
  • A mix of controller and controller-less platforms
  • AirWave Wireless Network Management software to manage users, devices and critical campus Wi-Fi applications
  • 802.11ac and 802.11n infrastructure
  • Integration with Palo Alto Network Security for Layer 7 Application Control
  • Outdoor coverage for common gathering areas on campus

Chowan over the last 7 years has been able to scale appropriately to the ever-changing higher education environment, both quickly and without down-time. With the knowledge that their network is ready for today and for what lies ahead, Chowan and it's many students, faculty and visitors are enjoying a true mobility experience. Results:

  • Complete coverage across the entire campus with a single interface for visibility.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Single management dashboard for all of it's users and devices at all areas of their campus
  • Advanced Network Access Control
  • Improved high-performance WLAN with 802.11ac infrastructure
  • Reliable capacity, especially in high-density areas.