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3 Wireless Network Design Must-Haves

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | July 6, 2011

When deploying a wireless network, there are many considerations to take. A wireless network design can be very complex but it is key to not forget several important parts of a wireless network.

The larger your campus may be, the more users, devices, and applications your wireless network will need to support. Wireless Network Design needs to be thought out and planned carefully.

3 Important Wireless Network Design Must-Haves

1. Application Planning:  When planning a wireless network, you need to also take into consideration the future of applications and mobile devices. Many schools, hospitals and other campuses are now integrating a wireless network that can support the iPad, for example. The shelf life of your wireless system has a potential of 3-4 years, so you need to think about forecasting the devices that will be added to the network in that period of time so you can be ready.

2. Network Security: 
The security for the wireless network needs to be planned before it is integrated into your current network or deployed. You want a system that has integrated security, role based access control, and wireless intrusion prevention. Forgetting about the security aspect can quickly lead to problems.

3. Network Analytics: 
How many users are connecting to your network? How many devices and what type of devices are connecting? What kind of security are they using? What are the trends of usage over time? These are critical things you have to know to manage a large scale wireless system.

Other important wireless network design must-haves include the importance of working with the proper wireless network equipment, focusing on capacity and performance THEN coverage, and putting it all together into a predictive wireless plan that will tell you what kind of coverage to expect. A predictive wireless network plan will tell you how many access points you will need as well.

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