Wireless Mesh Networks for Outdoor Environments

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | August 3, 2011 | Read Time: 1 min

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Wireless mesh networks allows outdoor environments to be interconnected without any wires and with the security and reliability of a wired network. They solve a wide range of communications challenges across different outdoor environments, making them well suited for public safety, emergency response, oil rigs, video surveillance, large-scale events and transportation hubs.

Wireless Mesh Network

An all-wireless network mesh brings the convenience of easy installation and lower deployment costs. Wireless mesh networks must meet the same standards for scalable capacity, reliability and security as do their wireless LAN (WLAN) counterparts.

  • Network-layer routing
    SecurEdge Networks provides efficient network-layer routing that is designed specifically for the wireless mesh. With network-layer routing, wireless mesh networks can deliver the scalability, throughput and low-latency across multiple mesh hops and over large geographic areas to meet the demands of delay-sensitive applications.
  • High-speed mobility
    SecurEdge Networks’s high-speed roaming capabilities – both within a single IP domain and across multiple domains – integrate IP routing with wireless link-level access to support seamless roaming.
  • Support for high-quality voice and video
    SecurEdge Networks’s innovative traffic-shaping technology ensures the delivery of high-definition video and high-quality voice by enforcing QoS and bandwidth management.

SecurEdge Networks’s wireless mesh solution provides strong security beginning with the connection between clients and APs and extending across the backhaul from source to destination. Even HD-quality video is delivered at a progressive rate with improvements in quality and performance.

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