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WiFi Systems for the SMB: How Switches Support the Mobile Workforce [Infographic]

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WiFi Systems for the SMB: How Switches Support the Mobile Workforce [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco April 27, 2017   0 Category: Hospitality, Retail, Strategy, SMB

The mobile workforce today, relies on wireless to support both their mobile devices and their productivity. Without fast, reliable and secure wireless access, business as we know, will cease to exist.

However, there's one small issue, delivering that type of wifi experience has become increasingly more complex, especially for SMBs.

Wireless systems are made up of many different components that all have to come together just right to achieve the best results.

This is why who you choose to partner with and the quality of your wireless network design are so critical to your success.

The slightest miscalculation and the whole thing can come crashing down.

Access points tend to hog the spotlight when talking about wireless equipment, and while they're definitely a big part of the puzzle, there are many other components that are required to ensure your end-users are enjoying a productive and happy wifi experience.

Specifically, switching.

Switches are like the traffic cops of your network, helping all of your end-users get to where they need to go in an orderly, efficient process.

But just how important are they? Take a look at the interactive infographic from Aruba Networks below, and discover why your wireless system can't live without having the right switches in place.

aruba_gifographic switches.gif

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