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WiFi Problems: Staying Ahead of Firmware Updates [Video]

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WiFi Problems: Staying Ahead of Firmware Updates [Video]

By: Erik Portillo April 5, 2019   0 Category: Design, Performance

Thinking about updating the devices, applications, or firmware on your wireless network? Before you risk everything, Erik has some tips that just might help your situation.

WiFi Problems - Staying Ahead of Firmware Updates

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Erik. I’m the Director of Engineering here at SecurEdge Networks.

So what I want to talk to you guys a little about today is compatibility and what I mean by that is from a feature set and from a firmware standpoint.

Every firmware has a bug fix attached to it.

Most of these manufacturers put release notes for these firmware’s so that you understand really what they are addressing with the firmware.

So although your first instinct is going to be to update the firmware instantly just because there is one that is new and it’s available.

You have to really understand what your updating and schedule that so prevent any catastrophic issues happening on the network.

Feature set is another big thing to talk about.

So there are things like Spanning Tree.

By simply turning on Spanning Tree, your really think you’re being preventative in nature, however, it could cause other things to happen because you turned that feature on whether that feature is not compatible, or homework has not been done on the back end to make sure that your network can support it or even things like residential equipment.

Think of Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

They do something called multi-cast.

Multicasting is basically putting a lot of strain on your network because of the way that the technology works.

They’re screaming on your network saying that they’re available for communication and try to discover other devices on your network.

So all of those things need to be considered when you’re either bringing or introducing new equipment or changing a feature or updating a firmware.

End of Video Transcription

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