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Why You Need to Stop Ignoring Managed Services: 4 Critical Benefits

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Why You Need to Stop Ignoring Managed Services: 4 Critical Benefits

When companies decide they want to upgrade their wireless network's capabilities to support both a better user experience and their business goals they don't always consider the increased workload that high-performing mobility puts on their IT departments.

Whether it's supporting BYOD, upgrading to 802.11ac, adding RTLS or rolling out new tablets (to name a few), these departments are faced with supporting an increased number of devices without decreasing their ability and effectiveness when it comes to supporting their users and the health of the network.

Add in a growing list of new initiatives and technologies like adaptive software, big-data initiatives, increasing security risks, legal compliance, and the IoT, the picture becomes pretty clear. Today's IT departments are being asked to do a lot and there's no signs it will ever stop.

By utilizing managed services for parts, pieces, individual projects or complete "nuts to bolts" operations you can provide the added support your team and your business needs to support your users and your company's goals.

There are numerous benefits for organizations that choose to bolster their IT departments by partnering with a managed service provider, here's four reasons you should be considering managed services as part of your IT strategy.

Better Security

Mobile device security is convoluted and detailed, even for experienced professionals. Using an existing IT help desk to provide all services can slow an already overwhelmed department.

A managed service provider has the skills and practices in place to manage mobile security, not limited to: OS updates, mobile applications, and mobile device management/enterprise mobility management(EMM).

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Mobile Proficiency

Considering the multitude of different mobile operating systems and devices, expertise for one or all is not always easy to locate.

Outsourcing managed services management can give your organization proficient support that could otherwise be difficult to find. Rather than paying a dedicated person for their expertise that you may not need full time, you can pay for exactly the services you need when you need them.

You get the 24/7 protection, services, and expertise without the cost, making it the perfect flexible solution for many businesses.

Strategy Support

Managed services can assist businesses with important strategy and design support allowing them to focus their efforts on the business’ core goals.

Whether your strategy relates to privacy, implementing new devices, BYOD, or gathering useful data from your current setup, a managed service provider can aid in as much or little of the business’ solutions to allow for optimum productivity and security.

Compliance Concerns

Mobility and BYOD become increasingly complicated when companies are subject to legal standards and compliance. Whether Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, or HIPAA, making sure you are fulfilling all legal requirements is crucial.

An outsourced managed service provider comes with experience in managing and securing necessary files and data to make sure legal compliance is handled and not an extra-stressor for the company. This includes working with auditors and helping to avoid remediation.

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The Takeaway

One of the biggest misconceptions with managed services is that most people think it's an all or nothing solution, and this just isn't the case.

Managed service provides are scalable and can help when and where you need them. Do not think of them as a one size fits all solution, but rather a buffet where you are free to pick what you want and how much of it to create your ideal product.

Incorporating outsourced managed services does not mean you have to hand over everything, but rather they work with you and your IT department handling the areas you desire.

From flexibility in cost, hours, and increased insight and expertise, companies are sure to realize the benefits of implementation instantly.

At SecurEdge we've been helping companies of all shapes and sizes to supplement their IT needs through strategic managed service solutions. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how managed services can help your wireless networking strategy please contact us here.

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