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Why the Best Technology in the Classroom is Mobile Devices

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Why the Best Technology in the Classroom is Mobile Devices

By: Danny Mareco May 3, 2012   0 Category: K-12 Education, Strategy
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Learning has changed quite substantially over the past few years. Schools everywhere are implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs or providing mobile devices to students. 



Regardless of the way this mobile technology is getting to the students, the fact is that it’s become a fantastic learning tool that both teachers and students love. Over the past few years the number of students that own mobile devices has increased along with the use of them in learning.

Here are 3 key applications of mobile devices as technology in the classroom thatmake them beneficial to both teacheras and students.

1. Digital Content

Today’s students have to have their beloved smart phones, iPads, tablets, or whatever the mobile device they have. They crave those instantaneous updates, video streaming, multimedia, etc.

Digital content is a great way to get students engaged in learning. Things like streaming video, e-textbooks, accessing a digital library, and viewing lecture podcasts are all types of digital content educators can take advantage of to capture student’s attention and enrich education.

iPad learning coding classroom

2. Electronic Assessment

Mobile devices allow teacher to give electronic assessment in class with either instant feedback or they can choose to view it later. Teachers can also choose from several options in which to receive and view feedback.

For example, the teacher may choose show students results on a larger screen in a chart or graph form for a quick class survey. There are apps teachers can use to monitor their student’s screens on their own mobile device during assessments as well.assessment on mobile device in classroom technology

3. Collaboration

Most educators will agree that keeping students engaged is one of the most important keys to effective teaching. Mobile device technology in the classroom can make learning interactive and fun. With their mobile devices students can engage with other students in different classrooms or even across the globe.Mobile devices make such good learning tools because they also allow students to share research and work collaboratively.   

  digital learning classroom technology

Mobile devices on school wireless networks make the perfect learning tool that can be customized to meet the student’s and teacher’s needs and utilize all of the above.

If you weren’t considering it before or were having doubts I hope you will consider it now, the benefits of using mobile devices as technology in the classroom to students and teachers are limitless.

 Overall, school districts need a network architecture that meets the requirements of today’s mobile devices to securely bring digital learning to school wireless networks.

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