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Why IT Managers Need More than Just Access Points [New KIT]

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Why IT Managers Need More than Just Access Points [New KIT]


Enterprise wireless network deployments are complex and typically large, expensive purchases. They require extensive planning and understanding from IT managers to make sure every IT dollar is spent wisely and correctly.

This means that businesses and organizations who choose to work with inexperienced wireless service providers, or simply cut corners with their designs by thinking they can just throw up some access points are missing the point, big time!

Think about it this way, you wouldn’t build a house without creating blueprints, researching products and new best practices, or working with an experienced builder would you?

Of course not! So why would an IT manager think they can build a high capacity, secure wireless network by buying some access points and randomly installing them throughout their building or buildings? Wouldn’t it be better to understand the Wi-Fi engineering process, or work with an experienced partner who does understand the process and the technology so they can help you design a wireless network that actually supports your needs?

By actually evaluating what you want to accomplish and then properly planning it, IT managers can create a more robust, more secure, easier to support and much more affordable enterprise wireless network. It works a little something like this:

  • Establish what your goals are or what you’re trying to do using Wi-Fi
  • Research the latest best practices, standards and products
  • Partner with an experienced wireless service provider who understands what actually works and what doesn’t
  • Analyze, Design and Deploy your new wireless system

Sound a little too easy or simplified? With the right know how, the right tools and the right team, it’s not. To help paint a more complete picture and illustrate what you need to consider before you deploy your next wireless network, we put together the Wireless Network Design Kit, a complimentary kit for IT managers.

You can download your copy here >>

Have any other enterprise grade Wi-Fi topics you’d like to learn more about? Let us know in the comment section below!

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