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What's Included with WiFi as a Service? [Video]

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What's Included with WiFi as a Service? [Video]

By: Danny Mareco April 25, 2019   0 Category: Managed WiFi
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Trying to decide whether or not WaaS is the right fit for your business?

In this edition of the Wi-Fi Minute, Danny describes everything you can expect from the service.

What's Included With WaaS


Hi, everybody! Welcome back to another Wi-Fi Minute.

So the other day I was thinking about Wi-Fi as a Service and actually I think about it every day.

I was thinking about how we call it an all-in-one solution but that word “all” can be kind of vague so if you’ve got a minute, I wanted to list out everything that comes with SecurEdge Wi-Fi which is our Wi-Fi as a Service solution.

Ok, let’s put sixty seconds up on the clock and let’s do this.

SecurEdge Wi-Fi combines three main components. Hardware as a service, software as a service, and managed network services.


Let’s start with hardware. This includes all of the components that are going to be physically installed on-site at your location.

This includes:

  • Access points
  • Switches
  • Next gen firewalls
  • Controllers both virtual and physical
  • IP connected power
  • Performance sensors

The most important thing that comes with SecurEdge WiFi is a custom RF design that is specific to your environment.

You can use the best products in the world but if you have the wrong design, nothing is going to work right.


Next is software, this includes:

  • Network management tools
  • Performance management and monitoring tools
  • Network access control
  • User onboarding.

All of these software tools allow you to visualize your network from end to end, prioritize mission critical applications, and deliver the best user experience possible by measuring performance over time.

Managed Network Services

And finally, managed network services which includes:

  • Tier two support
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Weekly and monthly health checks
  • Alert notifications
  • Service level agreements on our response times.

Optional Add-On Features

There are several add-on features that we can include such as:

  • End user help desk
  • Guest analytics
  • Managed firewalls

So as you can see from that list, SecurEdge WiFi truly is a all-in-one Wi-Fi as a Service solution.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.

As always, you’ve been great, I’ve been Danny and we’ll see you next time.

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