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Waste In Healthcare: The Shocking Truth About Hospital Efficiency [Infographic]

Lost medical equipment and stolen medical equipment. Outdated manual processes. Having too much of one thing but not enough of another. Hospitals are constantly battling these challenges; it’s frustrating, expensive and most importantly hurting their ability to deliver exceptional care to their patients.

It seems wrong, like there are too many zeros, but U.S. healthcare organizations somehow waste more than $800 billion (yes with a “B”) every year.

Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are starting to invest heavily in technologies such as RTLS (real-time location services) and RFID tagging to improve their operational efficiency. As well as software tools to gather critical analytics from the growing list of devices connected throughout the modern-day hospital environment.

These types of technologies, combined with a secure and robust hospital wireless infrastructure have enabled new strategies such as lean healthcare to have a serious impact on hospital operations.

What types of waste are healthcare organizations dealing with? Just how bad has the amount of waste become and what does that translate to financially for our healthcare systems?

To help you understand the problem that many healthcare facilities are facing, we’ve put together a detailed infographic that illustrates the growing problem of waste in healthcare.

Click on the image below for a higher-resolution


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Danny Mareco

Danny Mareco

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