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[VIDEO] WiFi Minute: 6 Steps to PROTECT Your Business Against a RANSOMWARE ATTACK

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[VIDEO] WiFi Minute: 6 Steps to PROTECT Your Business Against a RANSOMWARE ATTACK

By: Danny Mareco October 20, 2017   0 Category: Security

Just like devices and applications, new network security threats are popping up all the time--causing massive problems for both businesses and their end-users. One of the more notable types of malicious attacks that have dominated the headlines this year is ransomware. In this week's episode, we outline six steps that will protect your business from a ransomware attack.

Video Transcription 

Hey what’s going on everybody! My name is Danny Mareco, welcome back to the WiFi minute. The foundation for every enterprise-grade wireless network today is security. That’ll be our focus for today, more specifically, ransomware. How do you protect your business against a ransomware attack? I’ve put together 6 must-follow best practices that you’re definitely not gonna want to miss. Let’s get to it.Let’s put 60 seconds up on that clock, roll that intro music.

Number 1. This is a basic rule, but it is a critical rule. You need to always keep your data backed up somewhere off of your network.

Number 2. Make sure you use a mail service or some sort of an appliance that can scan or detect for phishing emails. As the name would suggest, phishing emails are used to bait the end-user into opening that email. Once opened, your data is either encrypted right there or you’re taken to a website where the hacker can steal your personal information by tricking you into logging into what you think is a safe website.

Number 3. Train your employees to know what a phishing email looks like, oh, and more importantly, train them to not open it! If they do, they might run into something like this...

Number 4 comes in two parts, 4a and 4b. 4a is unfortunately, not to be a debbie-downer, but in the event of a ransomware attack that you have a specific plan on how to handle that situation. And 4b is making sure that all of your staff, your employees, everybody involved understands what those procedures are.

Number 5. You need to use some sort of malware or email scanner that can actually prevent ransomware from running at all.

And finally number 6. This is foundational for every enterprise-grade wireless network out there today, you need to have a next-gen firewall. For example, a Fortinet firewall that can scan emails in whole and then quarantine them if they find ransomware.

Okay so that was 6 different steps on how to protect your business against a ransomware attack. Okay so that’ll do it for me this week, I hope you guys found some value out of that, if you did, hit that like button, please subscribe to the channel, we got tons more videos coming up. As always you guys have been awesome, I’ve been Danny, and we’ll see you next time.

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