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Top 5 trends for tablets on enterprise wireless networks

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Top 5 trends for tablets on enterprise wireless networks

By: Danny Mareco May 29, 2012   0 Category: Hospitality, Retail, Strategy, Enterprise

The spread of tablets into enterprise wireless networks have radically increased in the past several years. Employees have fallen in love with these mobile devices and are now regularly using them at and away from the desk.  Embracing an enterprise wireless network solution for tablets means elimination of stationary work locations, improved collaboration, and augmented employee productivity.

tablet enterprise wireless networking solution

Want to know more about the future of tablets in the workplace? Here are the top 5 trends for tablets on enterprise wireless networks.

1) The proliferation of tablet adoption on enterprise wireless networks is estimated to grow by almost 50% per year.ipad on enterprise wireless network

2) Tablet shipment rates to corporations are estimated to be around 93.5 million tablets by 2016.tablets in the workplace

3) Studies show for work usage, 73% of employees use tablets for web browsing, 69% for email, and 67% for working remotely.emailworking remotleyweb browsing


4) Innovations for tablets to make the laptop obsolescent will continue to grow.BYOD enterprise wireless solution

 5) By 2015 mobile app development projects will outnumber PC projects 4-to-1.mobile device enterprise


As the demand for tablets on enterprise wireless networks continues to accelerate, corporations are being faced with increasing pressure to allow BYOD (bring your own device) or corporate-liable devices on their secure wireless network. Wireless network security and the overload of mobile devices on the wireless network system are some of the main concerns for many companies.

Here at SecurEdge Networks, we specialize in building completely secure enterprise wireless networks and always plan for the future of mobile devices. For a free consultation with one of our experts contact us here or download one of our free resources. Good luck!

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