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The WiFi Minute: Why is WiFi Planning So Complicated [Video]

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The WiFi Minute: Why is WiFi Planning So Complicated [Video]

By: Danny Mareco November 23, 2016   0 Category: Design

Creating a reliable, secure, and easy to manage large-scale wireless network design is a difficult process. We know that's true, but why? In this week's Wi-Fi Minute, we explain the four key components that are making it so hard to plan and build the wireless network your business or organization needs.

Video Transcription

Hey, what's up, everybody? My name is Danny. This is the Wi-Fi Minute. Today's topic: Why is Wi-Fi planning so complicated? Let's put 60 seconds up on the clock and let's go.

Reason Number One

Human beings can't see RF, and by RF, I mean radio frequencies. And not being able to see them makes the Wi-Fi engineering process inherently a lot more difficult. Not to worry, though, with the right software tools and, who are we kidding, a lot of experience and skill, we can get around this invisibility problem with no problem.

Reason Number Two

There's a limited number of channels access points can use. Why does this suck? You use too few access points and you run into coverage and capacity problems. Too many, and again, you run into coverage and capacity problems. It takes a whole lot of science and a decent amount of art to get it right.

Reason Number Three

Interference. Again, there are only so many RF channels available, which means you only have so many choices when trying to avoid interference. It's only a matter of time until something like a microwave starts kicking people off the network.

Reason Number Four

Everything keeps changing, from your physical environment to the devices and applications running on that environment. Every day is different. We had computer labs, now we have BYOD. We had desktops, now we have smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the Internet of Things. The point is, wireless networks are alive and changing all the time, it's like using conditioner, just rinse and repeat.

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Whoo! Just made it. Nice. Okay.

So, I hope you guys have learned something today and now have a better understanding as to why planning for Wi-Fi can be so complicated. In the description below, I have included a link to a great kit that'll give you everything you need to know before, that's the key word there, before, you go and deploy your next high-capacity or large-scale wireless network. Now, if you guys have any more questions, feel free to leave them down below. You've been wonderful. I, of course, have been Danny. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you next time.

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