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The Ultimate Guide to Deploy iPads in the Classroom

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | July 24, 2014

Trying to implement iPads into your classrooms can be very rewarding, not only for the school but for each and every student as well. However, doing so isn’t plug and play and if you aren’t completely prepared then you are looking at a very expensive and frustrating experience.technology in the classroom, guide to deploying iPads in the classroom, school wireless networks,

Unfortunately there is no magic trick that makes this process the same for every school and there are many factors involved from start to finish that need to be considered when bringing iPads into your classroom. Everything from why iPads are a great fit for education, why they are a better choice than android tablets or not and how they can affect the learning experience has to be looked at in order to be successful when deploying iPads.

The trouble is that finding the answers to this challenge can be vague, misleading or just wrong. This is why we have pulled from our experiences and extensive collection of resources to create the ultimate guide to using iPads in the classroom.

Why Choose iPads?

8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education

Since 2010 the iPad has been gaining more and more popularity within education and has become the new standard for many schools as they move to interactive content, video and live streaming. This blog post covers a collection of study results that show just how much positive impact the iPad has had in the classroom.

Effects of iPads in the Classroom on Elementary Education

Colleges and high schools were the first to implement iPads onto their campuses, however, many elementary schools have been a little more cautious when making their decisions to upgrade. This next blog outlines some of the benefits and effects that elementary schools who choose to implement iPads can expect.

Android Tablets Vs. iPads in the Classroom: Which are Best for Schools?

This has been a huge debate since both iPads and Android tablets hit the market. When it comes to education a strong case could be made for both, but with Apple owning 94% of the education tablet market it seems that a lot of schools are choosing the iPad. Here you can weigh your options and take a look at some of the main comparisons between iPads and Android tablets to help you decide which is right for you.

How do I support iPads In My School?

Preparing Your School Wireless Network for iPads in the Classroom

ipads in the classroom, technology in the classroom, school wireless networks, wifi service providers,One of the most overlooked aspects about bringing iPads into the classroom is how you plan on supporting them. With iPads comes amazing content opportunities such as interactive educational gaming, videos, live streaming, the cloud, apps and more. All of these new learning tools also require a robust school wireless network to run and work properly without limitation or really frustration. This next blog might be the most critical as it explains how your wireless network should be designed to not only work with your iPads today but also be prepared for future upgrades down the line.

Extended Reading | "7 Wireless Network Design Steps Every School Should Master"

Top 10 Things to Consider for iPads in the Classroom Implementation

Deploying iPads is definitely a detailed and extensive process. There are many wireless and wired infrastructure components that have to be addressed in order to be successful. In this blog we’ve laid out the most important items that should be considered before bringing iPads onto your network.


Every school is different, and every school has their own goals and curriculum to support. If the iPad is the device that best suits your schools needs and wants then having the proper wireless design and mobility strategy in place is crtical and it can make or break those goals.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us here, we'd love to chat. You can also comment below or connect with us on Twitter.

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