The State of Mobile Technology in Healthcare Today [Infographic]

I’m sure pen and paper have a place in the world we live in today, but it’s definitely not what it used to be. Today’s world is becoming increasingly overrun by mobile technology, from smartphones to tablets and now wearables. In fact, by 2020 more people will have a smartphone than electricity.

This is especially true in healthcare, where outdated processes that once dominated the industry are now being retired for newer processes based on mobile devices, healthcare specific apps, and automation.

Healthcare is a 3 Trillion dollar industry, with that kind of money involved updates and new strategies tend to be adopted slower than other industries.

So where are we at currently? What does the current state of mobile use in healthcare look like? Mobile technology moves quickly which makes it important to stay on top of new trends so you don’t fall behind.

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Check out the infographic below to learn more. (And download our free hospital wireless network design guide here for everything you need to know before you deploy a high-capacity, secure wireless network.)

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Jillian Mourning

Jillian Mourning