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Technology in the Classroom: The Future of Education

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Technology in the Classroom: The Future of Education

By: Julie Long August 20, 2013 1 Category: K-12 Education, Strategy

Employers today look not only for skilled laborers but innovators, creative minds willing to shape and mold the way the employee’s role looks.   

ipads in the classroom

The US Department of Labor estimates that 65% of grade school children in the US will end up in jobs that have not yet been created.  We as a nation are banking on our student’s innovation to define the new jobs they will one day be able to obtain. 

How better to help our children succeed than to provide them the avenue to encourage innovation by connecting ideas not previously connected?  We need to combine skills, knowledge and resources to solve problems in new ways.  We must not only use printed materials but also use the technology they already know so much about from home.  Why mandate that they leave their devices at the door?  Why not allow them the privilege to use those devices if they facilitate creative discussions on how to responsibly bring them into the classroom environment as tools for learning. 

technology in the classroom
Kids need to be learning the same skills in school, using the same technology that we as professionals use every day. We can’t run away from the technology shaping our students’ futures.  We must embrace the change coming and look to provide avenues for this technology to help open student’s minds to innovation and creativity.  Help them become their own innovators and motivators.  Help them creatively come up with ways they will use the technology to succeed.  We want to create and send children into the world that can fully participate in their society and their workplace.  To accomplish this goal these students need the skills to actively understand criticize and use media in creative ways. 

It’s a tough line to draw between allowing our student’s to passively consume the media and making them the creative outlets of how the media will be used to define the lessons , the teaching and the learning.  Proper implementation of technology in the classroom should bring about the following:

  • Higher Attendance Levels
  • Higher Student Engagement
  • The extended use of collaboration in learning
  • The extended use of independent learning
technology in the classroom

Collaboration between students and the outside world is so feasible.  The classroom learning isn’t relegated to the 4 walls the student’s find themselves in.  With technology in the classroom, the world is at each student’s fingertips.  The ability to process and collaborate with anyone and anything can be available with the flick of a finger.  Instructors should be the builders of the scaffolding that the children can then climb on and build their own structures.  The children can see and create their own futures.  We can teach them to 0wn their own fate. 

If the future truly means jobs that have not yet been even defined, how better to help them learn with technology than to allow our student’s to define their own?  Collaborate and come up with their tasks, their own lessons, their own jobs?  It might be good practice for their round table sessions as professional adults.

If your school hasn’t yet implemented a plan for implementing BYOD technology in the classroom or a 1:1 implementation to bring mobile classroom technology like e-readers, laptops, and iPads in the classroom, I want to urge you to consider it. As I stated earlier technology is the eminent future of education and it’s coming to your school wireless network whether you like it or not. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation you may contact us here. We are experts in building completely secure and successful mobility solutions. We have worked with schools all over the country and would be happy to help. Our goal is to be a resource for you! Good luck!

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